Wigan Churches League 2019

Team Averages and Results (as of Mon 9th Sep)

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Division A

Bethel BYE12A BYE1A
BYE9A Ince Parish St. Andrew's A
St. Francis St. Luke's C St. Matthew's A
St. Michael St. Thomas A Wigan Parish

Division B

Bye 2 Greenough Ince St. Mary
Queens Hall St. Anne's A St. Anne's B
St. Luke's B St. Matthew's B St. Paul's C
St. Peters St. Stephen St. Wilfrid's A

Division C

Bye3 Goose Green Meths Orrell Post (Tuesday)
Orrell YMCA A Orrell YMCA B St. Andrew's B
St. John's (HG) St. Matthew's C (Tuesday) St. Paul's B
St. Thomas B St. Wilfrid's B Trinity Methodist