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1. Teams shall consist of four players, 16 years of age or less.

2. Teams will be open to boys and girls.

   3. The first match will be drawn players, after this match the player will be matched with the opposition using their aggregate score, i.e. the winners of week one matches will play their opposite winner in week two, and so on.

4. Home team to provide equipment and drinks.

5. The team managers shall settle any disputes.

6. Visiting team to be allowed 15 minutes practice before the game begins.

7. All managers will agree the score at the end of each match and sign each otherís record book. Also send to Chris. Higham to put  the results onto the  website.

8. At the end of the season the winning team and merit winner will receive a trophy.

9. All games 21up off 5. One point to be scored for each individual win. Matches will be decided 2 points for HOME win,

3 points an AWAY win, 1 point HOME DRAW, 2 points for an AWAY DRAW. In case of a tie for divisional championships the team with the highest aggregate difference will be the champions.

10. Playerís Individual merit points; 2 points home win, 3 points away win.


Bretherton Junior Bowling Club, Parish Institute, South Road PR26 9AB

All Home matches played 11.00am Saturday

Contact- Joan and Jim Bullen 01772-600920.

Coppull Junior BC, Coppull Conservative Club, 261 Spendmore Lane, Coppull, PR7 5DF.

All Home matches played on Saturday @ 12.00pm.

Contact:- Hilda Jones 01257-792751

Fox Lane Junior BC, Fox Lane, Leyland. PR25 1HB.

All Home matches played on Saturday @ 12.00pm.

Contact:- Email; Sheila Bennett [benneshei@aol.com]

St George's  Junior BC, Trinity Road Chorley PR7 2DW

All Home matches played on Saturday @ 12.00pm.

Contact:- Christine Iddon 01257- 415461

Any club wishing to enter a team please contact:- Hilda Jones 01257- 792751

Thanks to Steve Blaymire for the "All But!" Crown Green Bowling League Data System. which is used to publish the results seen on this site.

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